Meet Dr. David Scaffidi

On Being an Orthodontist

A smile says so much about a person. Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth: being an orthodontist gives me the opportunity to make a person feel good about themselves, and help to instill or improve their personal confidence. When I observe a patient’s self-esteem begin to strengthen and then blossom, as they see the visible changes in their appearance — and watch the transformation in how they walk with a firmer step, how they start to seek out conversations and interaction with others, and how they begin to smile without hiding their teeth — I find myself smiling. It’s a privilege to watch these changes, and an honor to play a role in making them happen.

Each person I care for is important to me. Every day I interact with people from different backgrounds, each with their own experiences and stories to tell, and this reminds me both of the wonderful uniqueness of each of us and the common ground that we share. I love that my profession brings me into contact with incredible people and allows me the time needed to get to know and build friendships with them.

Education and Pursuit of Continuing Education

I first received a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering in 1991, and then returned to school and graduated with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the Louisiana State University Dental School in 2005. This was followed by studies in the LSU Dental School Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic specialty program, from which I graduated in 2007.

I know that oral healthcare, especially orthodontics, requires that a practitioner be firmly committed to pursuing continuing education (CE) offerings. There are constant developments in treatment methodologies, and diagnostic and treatment technologies, which all lead to shorter treatment times with stronger results. My patients trust me to provide them with the best care available, and I can only do that if I stay at the leading edge of knowledge and skills.

Each year I seek out and participate in CE courses at the local, regional, and national levels. I’m also a member of the Bassett Study Club, a network of 20+ local dentists and oral healthcare specialists who meet every month to review case studies and share knowledge.

Professional Memberships

Away from the Practice

I’m a New Orleans native, and share my life with my wife Lyn and three children: Elizabeth, Matthew, and Caroline. Being with my family is always my first choice when I’m not in the office, but I also enjoy getting out, especially going fishing or duck hunting. I’m a morning person and getting up early to exercise or spend time on the water is something I love. I get to see the sun rise and reflect on all the blessings I have in my life.

In addition to being a supporter of several local schools, I’m a coach at the local playground and actively involved with St. Dominic School and church.